The Chaska-based manufacturing company QualiTech has the green light to expand over 26,000 square feet.

The Chaska City Council unanimously approved a significant building expansion to QualiTech, Inc., a food processing and production manufacturer based in the city.

The current 45,000-square-foot building, at 150 Jonathan Blvd. N., sits on nearly five acres and is set to add 26,750 square feet to QualiTech. The company, which celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2017, is expected to extend to the east.

The facility sits in the northwest industrial park of Chaska.

Similar colors and materials will be used on exterior structures, according to a city document prepared by City Planner Elizabeth Hanson.

The document states the building is “situated to blend in seamlessly with the existing height and footprint.”

Eighty parking spaces will be added, as well as pine trees, maple trees, and shrubs. Any lighting added to the lot needs to be “fully screened and face downward,” according to the document, which stated QualiTech’s plan appears to meet Chaska’s lighting ordinance.

During a City Council meeting, City Administrator Matt Podhradsky said QualiTech is planning to move forward with the expansion “right away.” The timing adds up.

“There definitely has been an uptick in food consumption at least over the last few weeks,” Podhradsky said, with a laugh.

The company intends to continue business as usual in the expanded space, working with plant and animal nutrition products — like the blueberries in DIY-muffin packets, Podhradsky said.

Chaska Mayor Mark Windschitl said he’s especially grateful for the business during the pandemic.

“It’s exciting that, as crazy as the times are now, that people are still willing to invest,” said Windschitl. “We greatly appreciate you reinvesting in our community.”


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