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Final state primary election results have been counted and processed after what elections officials are calling an unprecedented season.

Kendra Olson, county elections supervisor, said the most primary absentee ballots the county typically sees is 1,300 to 1,400.

Throw COVID and more mail-in ballots in the mix, and this year that number was just under 10,000, she said. 

“We are definitely seeing lower (in-person) numbers in the majority of our polling locations compared to our traditional in-person voters on election day,” Olson said. “We’re kind of seeing a switch of how those percentages lie.”

Final primary results and candidate reactions are as follows:

House and Senate candidates

House District 33B

Kelly Morrison-DFL: 100%, 4,778 votes

“I’m looking forward to a positive campaign about the issues that we are confronting in our district and in our state.” -Kelly Morrison

Andrew Myers-R: 70.47%, 2,222 votes

“I was very happy with the results. We put a lot of time and effort in. I knocked a ton of doors myself and I think that hard work paid off and I’m excited that the citizens of the district chose me and supported me as the best candidate.

I think that was very similar to the numbers during the convention. For me, I was excited but the main step hadn’t been completed which was the Nov. 3 election.” -Andrew Myers

Marianne Stebbins-R: 29.53%, 931 votes

Senate District 47

Addie Miller-DFL: 86.97%, 5,105 votes

“We’re thrilled. I’m excited. I’m really thankful. I’m a daughter of Carver County. I grew up here. I love this place. I love the people here. I’m really looking forward to a great campaign on the issues that matter to local folks here.

There’s been a lot of fear and anger in this race so far leading up to this primary. And I know my community. I know we’re more hopeful and more caring to each other than that. The people of Carver County deserve healthcare… safe communities, and most importantly a state senator that actually listens with thoughtful resilience.” -Addie Miller

Bala Chintaginjala-DFL: 13.03%, 765 votes

“The thing I had planned was to go to doors as much as possible. I started initially, but it did not go well. I could not do much because of my work condition. So I’m going to do next time better.

Now onward, based on these results, I’ll start from Chaska. Now I’m concentrating on the infrastructure rebuild. That is my main goal and my first priority. I’m going to go into each individual town and city and try to work with local administration.

I just want to congratulate Addie. She ran a really good campaign and I think she put up a good fight from the Republican side. She has a very good chance of winning. I’m going to support her also by all means.” -Bala Chintaginjala

Julia Coleman-R: 63.52%, 4,586 votes

"I promised I was going to run a positive race for the people of Carver County and that message came loud and clear... I announced I was running seven days before I gave birth to my first son so it's been a wild ride and we are so thrilled to take our message and our fight to the next level in November." - Julia Coleman 

Thomas Funk-R: 36.48%, 2,634 votes

Carver County Board

County Commissioner District 3

Matt Udermann-Nonpartisan: 53%, 2,003 votes

“I think the voters reward positivity, creativity, substance and hard work. It’s time for new perspectives; time for new energy; time for change.

We’re running a positive campaign so I think you’re starting to see some activity that lends itself to hear directly from the candidates. The voter actually suffers when they can’t hear directly from the candidates.

We have to celebrate this period. Here’s the time to hand on the baton to the next generation.” -Matt Udermann

Randy Maluchnik-Nonpartisan: 39%, 1,481 votes

“I’m very encouraged with the outcome of the primary election. I’m looking forward to November.

I feel, with the pandemic now, that public safety should be paramount above political ambitions.” -Rady Maluchnik

David Hatten-Nonpartisan: 6%, 236 votes

County Commissioner District 5

John P. Fahey-Nonpartisan: 30%, 895 votes

"We are very excited and we will continue to listen and work hard for the citizens of District 5.  We are very happy with the results.  In general, the campaign trail was a lot of fun. We definitely had the opportunity to meet a lot of people door-knocking. 

Carver County is growing and it is thriving.  It will continue to need strong leadership and experience.  Carver County is a great place to raise a family, live, educate, work, do business and play. The County will need leaders who have the experience and leadership skills. 

I feel I have the experience and education to work through the complex issues that currently face the county today and into the future." - John P. Fahey

Mark Willems-Nonpartisan: 27%, 821 votes

“I’m obviously very happy. We made it through and that’s the important thing. We’re going to be on the ballot in November.

I think it was very enjoyable, actually. I was out talking to a lot of people and I enjoyed that very much. The only problem is there’s so much ground to cover and you can’t talk to everybody. But other than that, it was fun. I’m looking forward to November here.” -Mark Willems

Mark D. Halla-Nonpartisan: 24%, 726 votes

“I wish I would have had 96 more votes but I didn’t. I tried and I didn’t prevail, but I think it was a great experience. I met so many wonderful people. We’ve got a great county and so much to be thankful for.

Sometimes the best lessons are in defeat. They look like defeat, but they’re really still a victory when it comes to life and I just trust that God is in control, sorting things out.

I think I’m probably going to become ordained. It looks like that’s where I need to go. I will also start another biz just because that’s what I do. I don’t imagine God will call me into (politics) again but who knows.” - Mark D. Halla

David Pascoe-Nonpartisan: 8%, 242 votes

“They were pretty disappointing results. Obviously I got pretty well-buried. I had some interesting restrictions on me… I had a shorter time to campaign and kind of getting into the district was difficult. I’m glad I did it. I had a lot of conversations with voters.

I’m looking forward to the future. I’m not sad that I can take a little break from campaigning and enjoy time with family now and head to the cabin. I’m honored to (have) run. I’m very pleased and humbled by the support I’ve received.” -David Pascoe

Christopher Lund-Nonpartisan: 4%, 144 votes

“I knew that going into this primary, or just into this season in general for the election with COVID at our doorstep, that it was going to create some challenges. I think that might’ve played a factor in some of the results that were out there.

I still am mayor of Hamburg so the needs and wants of the city of Hamburg will definitely be top of mind going forward in addition to COVID. That’s probably going to be with us for a while.

We’ll see what happens over the next four years and whoever ends up getting elected. There might be a door that opens up or an opportunity, or my feeling of those elected in 2020 doing the job for the citizens they represent.” -Christopher Lund

Randy Clark-Nonpartisan: 4% 128 votes

“I guess the best guys won apparently.” -Randy Clark

Those without responses did not respond to requests for comment.


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