Though many Fourth of July festivities are canceled, fireworks are still expected to light up the sky over Lake Jonathan at dusk (about 10 p.m.) Saturday.

City Administrator Matt Podhradsky said the fireworks show, near McKnight Park, will look a lot like last year’s, including display size and show length.

Officials have encouraged people to keep their physical distance from others, though there won’t be enforcement of it.

“I think the two biggest things are to socially distance while you are there,” Podhradsky said. “COVID-19 is still a real issue and people should have fun!”

Kevin Wright, with the communications department, said social distancing is possible with an event like fireworks, which is part of the reason it didn’t get canceled.

“There’s a lot of space between the different areas which you can watch the fireworks. We feel people can adequately social distance between their family groups,” Wright said.

It’s important to note if people are feeling sick, they should stay home, he said.

“Keep looking out for each other that way, but I think this will be a good chance for people to kind of enjoy a fun event,” Wright said, pointing to the myriad of other recent cancellations.

In the past, Wright said officials have live-streamed the event, but isn’t sure if that will take place this year, depending on staff availability.

“We feel it can be done in a safe way,” Wright said, of the fireworks display. “It’s amazing; summer looks a lot different than it ever did before.”

The Jonathan Association, a large Chaska homeowners association, has canceled its annual Fourth of July Celebration, including the traditional kiddie parade.


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