GA School

Parents and supporters of Guardian Angels Catholic School are hosting a prayer event on Tuesday, March 2.

The rosary walk night, which starts at 7 p.m. outside the school, kicks off a $1 million fundraising effort to keep the school open, according to PTO head and GA parent Brenda Buckley Jones.

Last month, the school on West Second Street in Chaska announced it would close after dropping enrollment and finance issues.

"Father Tony (VanderLoop) recommended closing the school and the archdiocese accepted his decision even though a survey of parishioners showed only 40% in favor of closing," Buckley Jones said. “We have been working hard to show that we have support for the school and that it is a great school."

The raised money could go towards things like school maintenance, which Fr. VanderLoop said the school desperately needs.

“We figured a good portion of a million dollars would cover that, (and) we want to be able to set up scholarships and make it more self-sustaining,” Buckley Jones said.

Candles will be set up around the school while children lead attendees around the school in prayer. People can donate online at or by donating a check made out to Guardian Angels Catholic School. Checks can be given to Colleen and Eric Crowell to hold, Buckley Jones said.

“Even if they can’t give, if they could share the fundraiser, we’d love to have them at least come to our event and pray with us,” Buckley Jones said.

The fundraiser lasts until Friday, March 19.