Chaska High School

Chaska High School, 545 Pioneer Trail, Chaska.

The Chaska Speech Team competed at the annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational on Jan. 30.

Just over half of the entries advanced to a final round, including five of the first-year team members. Overall, the team placed 2nd out of 19 teams in the Team Sweepstakes.

Three Chaska students earned 1st place in the final round: Sydney Turner, Varsity Poetry; Yabi Yidnekachew, Novice Creative Expression; and Riley Wright, Novice Original Oratory. Two varsity team members earned 1st place in Honor Finals: Maddy Siekmann, Varsity Humor and Anna Holk, Varsity Discussion.

Four students earned their first bid to the NIETOC National Tournament: Ava Jax, Informative speaking; Lucas Bishop, Extemporaneous Speaking; Cyn-Ean Yu, Drama; and Katie Jiran, Drama.

Full results include:

Varsity Finals: Sydney Turner, 1st in Poetry; Aravis Pennucci, 2nd in Program Oral Interpretation; Cyn-Ean Yu, 2nd in Drama; Katie Kiran, 3rd in Drama; Suad Muhumed, 3rd in Poetry; Ava Jax, 4th in Informative Speaking; Cyn-Wei Tan, 4th in Prose; Max Bryan, 5th in Humor; Miel Aronson, 5th in Prose; Parker Wright, 5th in Storytelling; Lucas Bishop, 6th in Extemporaneous Speaking; and Yousif Hanza, 6th in Creative Expression.

Varsity Honor Finals: Anna Holk, 1st in Discussion; Maddy Siekmann, 1st in Humor; Ava Jax, 2nd in Creative Expression; and Laurel Lang, 4th in Prose.

Novice Finals: Riley Wright, 1st in Original Oratory; Yabi Yidnekachew, 1st in Creative Expression; Samsam Hassan, 3rd in Great Speeches; Halle Browning, 4th in Informative Speaking; and Aidan Haga, 6th in Humor.

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