ECCS School Board

The District 112 School Board was back at the District Education Center on Sept. 14 for the first time in six months for a workshop.

District 112, in its transition to in-house transportation operations, is working with SBC Public Finance to purchase 15 buses. The lease agreement will be for a term of eight years at 1.4% interest rate. The district will access its operating capital to make the annual lease payments.

The Eastern Carver County School Board will be asked to pass the lease purchase resolution at its Sept. 28 meeting.

The total finance amount is $1,710,426.35. A yearly payment of roughly $225,000 will be paid out.

"We will see about a 5.8% reduction in our daily rates for buses when we use those particular buses in our routes. There will be some savings that will go into the general fund," said Director of Finance & Operations DeeDee Kahring.

Kahring said with initial upfront costs, the savings in year No. 1 in 2021 will be $200,000-$250,000, with every year after that in upward of $600,000 savings.

In other news

  • The Sept. 14 workshop was the first in-person school board meeting since March 16. Open Forum will return, but in a limited capacity. Sign-up  will open at noon on board meeting days. Interested speakers will fill out a Google Form and be sent a confirmation with instructions on when to arrive to the District Education Center, what their time slot will be. The district will verify addresses to determine priority for district residents and have a “standby list” for those who may be able to speak within the 45-minute window. Alternatively, the e-mail address,, can be used to reach all board members.
  • Chaska High School student Lucas Bishop was welcomed as a student representative to the school board. While not a voting member, Bishop does have the right and responsibility to listen to the reports and recommendations before the school board, and to ask questions or share comments on issues as appropriate. In addition, Bishop is asked to report regularly on the activities and events occurring at his school.
  • Ionization air purification system equipment has been approved. The funds will come from the coronavirus relief funds. The equipment addresses COVID air droplets, but also other airborne particles. The equipment has a life cycle of 10 years and can be adapted all ventilation systems around the district. The timetable for the project is a completion by the end of October.