School Board Candidates

District 112 school board candidates for Nov. 2020

Sean Olsen, Donta Hughes, Ron Meyer, Jeffrey Ross, and Angela Erickson

Five candidates have emerged for three open Eastern Carver County school board positions for November's general election.

Incumbents Jeffrey Ross and Ron Meyer are joined by Donta Hughes, Angela Erickson and Sean Olsen. Ross is the current board chair, while Meyer is the board's treasurer.

Vice chair and clerk Amy Logue is not seeking re-election.

Olsen, a Chaska resident since 2003, states three missions on his campaign website: rebuild trust, reinforce what works, and rally our community.

"I chose to live in Chaska 17 years ago because of the strong community and the excellent schools. We continue to raise our family here for these same reasons. We can – and we will – overcome the challenges and make our schools Even Better," Olsen said on his website.

Hughes, a Chaska married father of five, said he is running because of a belief that "the generations of students that are in school right now are the ones that will change the world."

His campaign website outlines three missions: integrity and well-being of students, rebuilding a relationship with the community, and educators must have a voice.

"We can not afford more kids to be bullied, targeted with racism, or shamed for being who they are. It's our job to show them the value of life and each other. We have witnessed or have heard too many times of kids feeling helpless because of the things that they have encountered at school or within the community. It's time for something different to happen," Hughes said on his website.

Erickson, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, has been on the District 112 Foundation board of directors since 2017. Her campaign website was launched on Facebook recently.

"Why am I running for School Board? For the kids, of course! Learners in our district posses so much potential, and it's the role of the board to help unlock that potential through its visionary leadership and counsel," said Erickson, who has two children in the District.

Ross has been a member of the District 112 school board since 2012 and board chair for four years. His current committee responsibilities are: Teaching & Learning Advisory Committee, Finance/Investment Committee, and Facilities.

Meyer was elected in 2016. He currently serves on four school committees (Community Education Advisory, Wellness, Advertising, and School Calendar).


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