Chaska High School

Chaska High School is located at 545 Pioneer Trail in Chaska.

Parents were warned about their children's social media use, following two posts on TikTok and SnapChat Thursday referencing a school shooting occuring Friday, Dec. 17.

Via the Chaska High School Twitter account, Principal Jim Bach noted that an investigation by the Chaska Police Department “confirms that there is no credible threat against Chaska High School. I want to repeat that we do NOT have credible evidence there is a threat against our school.”

However, “purely out of an abundance of caution,” extra law enforcement will be on hand Friday, Bach stated.

“We know this was alarming. I want to thank the students who came forward immediately to make sure we were aware. By speaking up and saying something, they helped keep our community safe.”

“I also want to again ask you to partner with us and talk about responsible use of social media with your children. It’s being used to harm students, cause anxiety, and it’s impacting our learning environment. We need your help to stop these events from happening in the future,” Bach stated.


The threats of school violence on Friday are a nationwide issue, according to a district spokesperson.

In one social media post, “the photo was blurry but could have been read as directed at CHS. I want to assure you that in working with law enforcement we determined that post was not in reference to our high school, but a high school in Utah,” Bach stated.

“Another image circulated later this afternoon, using the same text superimposed over an image of the CHS cafeteria. We identified the individual responsible for posting and there is no threat to the school. The image has been taken down," Bach stated.