Carver Elementary underpass

An underpass is proposed under Jonathan Carver Parkway (County Road 11) near Carver Elementary. The project could start in 2021 with completion in 2023.

Carver County is proposing to install a pedestrian underpass at County Road 11 (Jonathan Carver Parkway), on the north side of Carver Elementary School.The two-year project would start in May 2021.

The County is seeking two easements, one permanent and one temporary, from Eastern Carver County Schools property.

Carver County sent out an appraiser to determine the value for each. According to county representative, the county will rent the space that encumbers the temporary easement for a period of about two years. The appraiser will also arrive at a figure that represents the value of the land under the permanent easement and offer that to the District in exchange for rights to the land.

The district will still own the land, but the county will have a permanent easement on it.

"We feel this will be favorable for our students. We have an underpass from the south side already. This would provide another opportunity for students to access our school," DeeDee Kahring, director of Finance & Operations for ECCS said.

Board Chair Jeffrey Ross said the underpass was targeted as a future project when the school was opened in 2017.

Carver County would like to approve the cost for the easements at their meeting in late September 2020. The County would like to acquire the easements by April 2021.

Previously, Eastern Carver County Schools sold off part of a property near the bus garage on Chaska Blvd (County Road 61) for an underpass as well. Kahring believes this parcel of land will attract a larger sum of money.