Super Tuesday

Carver County voters gave preference to former Vice President Joe Biden at Tuesday's presidential primary.

Carver County voters prefered former Vice President Joe Biden as their choice for a Democratic candidate in Tuesday's presidential primary, according to unofficial results from the Minnesota Secretary of State's office.

Minnesota was one of 14 states to participate in Super Tuesday, a nominating contest for states to decide which candidate they want to run in November. Other states hold their primaries later.

Data shows Biden garnered 48.1% of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor vote in Carver County, with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders getting 22.5%. In third was U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 12.9% of the vote.

President Donald Trump was on the Republican ballot with no opponents, earning 97.5% of that party's vote. Write-in candidates claimed the remaining few percentage points.

Over 5,100 voters in Carver County cast ballots for Biden, while Sanders received over 2,400 votes. Over 2,300 in the county voted for Trump, and Warren had over 1,300.

Over 13,000 people turned out to vote in Carver County, which has a population of about 103,551, and about 76,000 voting age residents, according to the U.S. Census.

Results are based off of 35 precincts in the county.


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