Herald Reports

August 1, 1935: Chaska’s been coming right to the front in the past few years with the addition of modern improvements. Its latest acquirement is a radio broadcasting station--a genuine government licensed transmitter. So hereafter you may sometime happen to hear the call letters W9VEF, Chaska, Minnesota. The addition of the radio station came about Saturday when Francis Fiebelkorn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Fiebelkorn, received his government license. He is the youngest short-wave operator being less than seventeen years old.

August 2, 1900: The quality of the blood depends much upon good or bad digestion and assimilation. To make the blood rich in life and strength giving constituents use Dr. J. H. McLean’s Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier: it will nourish the properties of the blood from which the elements of vitality are drawn. Price 50¢ and $1 a bottle. A. J. Maerz, City Pharmacy.

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