The city of Carver's emergency outdoor watering ban is expected to last through the middle of next week, according to a press release issued Friday morning.

However, "thanks to the community's collective efforts," the city is now easing restrictions and allowing the watering of vegetables and flowering plants without a permit.

The ban still prohibits other types of outdoor water use, including: watering lawns, washing vehicles, outdoor household uses, filling pools, and other recreational uses of water.

Regular indoor household water use for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing are not included in the watering ban.

"The current and forecasted weather conditions, an increase in water demand due to the irrigation of lawns, and current well pumping capacity have caused the city to impose an emergency watering ban out of an abundance of caution," stated a press release earlier this week. "The emergency watering ban enables the city to coordinate and provide reliable fire protection service throughout the community."

Those with properties with newly planted grass seed or sod may apply for a special watering permit by contacting City Hall at 952-448-5353, according to the city.

Editor's note: The watering ban ended June 16.

Community Editor

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