Highway 212

A collapsed culvert and heavy rains recently resulted in a five-foot-wide washout under Highway 212 in Cologne.

Crews are currently working to repair damage to the Highway 212 roadbed in Cologne.

If everything goes as planned, westbound Highway 212 will be repaired Monday morning and open in time for the evening commute, according to Bill Augello, Minnesota Department of Transportation drainage superintendent.

On Wednesday morning, crews discovered that an 18-inch culvert collapsed under the two westbound lanes and acceleration lane from County Road 36.

With nowhere to go, water continued to drain from the median around the pipe, ultimately creating a five-feet-wide void, Augello said. After the damage was spotted, the road was closed Wednesday afternoon and traffic detoured.

“We decided to close the road down for the safety of the motoring public,” Augello said.

“The main failure happened because of the recent rains, Monday night into Tuesday,” Augello said. “It’s been a busy year for us, for sure, with the heavy rains.”

On Friday and Saturday, the culvert is being capped off and filled with concrete. Then crews will fill the void with concrete.

The road surface itself is in good shape, Augello said.

A 36-inch culvert at a lower point in the median will handle drainage, Augello said. “We have some plans further down the line to do some upgrades on that 36-inch to make it able to take more water.

"The main goal is to get the road back open to the public."

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