Clayhole raft

Children play on the Firemen’s Clayhole swimming dock.

Firemen’s Clayhole has reopened.

Two water quality tests showed the E. Coli level has dropped to a safe level for water recreation, according to the city of Chaska’s website. City staff regularly test water quality at Firemen’s Clayhole from June to August.

“The E. Coli levels typically range from 30 to 35 organisms per 100 milliliters. Based on surrounding area beach standards, the clayhole swim beach has one of the lowest E. Coli levels,” the statement said.

The beach was first closed on Monday after a reading from a sample was higher than normal. The reading was below the threshold that close most beaches, according to the city.

“We’d like to thank the public for their understanding and patience,” Chaska Parks and Recreation Director Marshall Grange said, on the website. “We understand that closing the beach due to E. Coli can be unsettling. After we saw the higher than normal reading, the samples we have taken since then have come back below our normal readings, so we are confident the beach is safe and ready to reopen.”

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