Udermann campaign sign

Carver County Board of Commissioners candidate Matt Udermann accidentally violated a campaign donation law that landed in a minor fine, state judges ruled.

A mistake involving campaign donations to Matt Udermann ended with a $50 civil fine, according to a report from the state’s Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

It ruled Udermann, candidate for Carver County Board of Commissioners, misinterpreted a state statute and the error had “no impact on voters.”

Per state statute, Udermann can receive up to $600 in campaign donations per person based on district population. Udermann falsely thought he could receive more donations based on county population, the report said, and accepted $1,000 each from four donors over the spring and summer.

The complaint was filed against Udermann in early September. The next day, Udermann updated his campaign’s financial report, and the OAH recognized this immediate correction in the report.

The OAH said Udermann’s violation was “not willful” and caused by a “misunderstanding of the applicable statute.”

“I don’t know any other first-time candidate that has been put through this scrutiny by the opposition or their surrogates,” Udermann said to the newspaper, referring to another OAH ruling earlier this month. “We’re making mistakes. We’re living; we’re learning.”