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A recent letter by Sen. Scott Jensen made assertions that were broadly accusatory, but short on facts (“Nothing to do with GOP Facebook” June 20). At issue is the Carver County GOP Facebook (CCGOPFB) page and its alleged “misleading news” and “offensive content.”

Unfortunately, Jensen did not provide any specifics. The site is administered by volunteers from the Carver County Executive Committee (CCEC). Posted content is obtained from a vast array of sources.

The posts and content support the Republican platform and many of the posts highlight local issues. A review of what has been posted in recent weeks fails to substantiate claims by Sen. Jensen.

Jensen apparently took offense at a video of a Holocaust survivor comparing the modern push for socialism to the days of Hitler, as well as our criticism of Sen. Jensen getting close with Attorney General Keith Ellison.

While not every comment can be checked for decorum, we apologize if something slipped through. But we must ask, what does he mean by “numerous complaints”?

In his letter, Sen. Jensen distanced himself from any involvement with the CCGOPFB site. This is news, because he has never been an integral part of its publication or content.

Sen. Jensen has never contacted anyone on the executive committee nor me about this, or frankly any other issue. He attended one full committee meeting, but has otherwise been absent. If he had received numerous complaints, he should have contacted me, or anyone on the executive committee, about his concerns. But he did not and personally, I think that was the plan.

Scott Jensen obtained the party endorsement in September of 2015 by signing and agreeing to: vote in accordance with the Republican platform, adhere to the state and federal constitutions, and to collaborate with the CCEC on a regular basis. As a follow-up, an important function of the CCEC is to monitor the legislative positions and voting record of our elected officials. A lack of accountability weakens the platform and party viability.

In the last two legislative sessions, Sen. Jensen became a co-author to approximately 58 Democrat bills. Thankfully, not many became law, and some had minimal significance. But noteworthy was his recent involvement with gun legislation, legalizing recreational marijuana, single-payer health care, state-mandated home visits in an educational bill, and continued funding for CCAP. These are arguably strongly against what his constituents have supported or asked for in Carver County.

As a result of Sen. Jensen’s continued strong turn to the left, we have criticized him, and other Republican officials, for their lack of transparency. We hold those we elect to a higher standard.

Jensen was more than happy to run to the right when he needed votes. Now, like many politicians, we realize Jensen says one thing and then acts in another way.

Sen. Jensen doesn’t recognize that within the Republican platform, there is room for creativity while listening to other viewpoints. We believe successful outcomes are best when using conservative principals.

We can only conclude that Sen. Jensen is distancing himself from the Carver County GOP by his own actions and with future goals in mind. He must decide to either follow our standards for governance or reject the signed assurances he gave us. Misleading? You decide.

Paul Hepperla is chair of the Carver County GOP.

Community Editor

Mark Olson, the Chaska and Chanhassen community editor who has worked in Carver County for 20 years, makes any excuse to write about local history. In his spare time, Mark enjoys perusing old books, watching blockbusters and taking Midwest road trips.


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