In the movie, “Queen of the Katwe,” Madina Nalwanga plays the role of Phiona Mutesi, a young girl who grew up in Uganda, Africa. She had a difficult childhood, but it did not affect her.

One day she saw her brother going into a small hut. She followed in curiosity to see what her brother was doing.  She saw a big group of kids and tried to hide, but the coach (David Oyelowo) saw her and invited her in.

Britta Petersen is a student in Mike Schladweiler’s fifth-grade Carver Elementary School class. Schladweiler has created a Movie Critic’s Club, designed to develop a critical eye and make movie watching more of an active experience for his students. "You might be surprised with how many similar skills are used with interpreting a movie and comprehending a book. Some common skills include summarizing the plot events, identifying theme, identifying character traits and motivations, and determining fact and opinion," notes Schladweiler. All reviews were completed by students outside of the school day.