In the movie “Matilda,” Matilda (Mara Wilson) grew up in a large house on a nice street, but her parents were nasty.

One day Matilda discovered that she could punish her parents. So Matilda devised a couple of pretty good pranks to teach her parents, the Wormwoods, a lesson.

One day Matilda starts school (which she has been waiting so long for) and a new adventure begins. Before she starts school however, she imagined that it would be the funnest, coolest and best school ever. She also imagined she would have the best teacher and principal.

She was right about having a great teacher, but the headmistress Miss Trunchbull (Pam Ferris) was a witch. She was so mean that one time she made a kid eat an entire chocolate cake in front of the school. Another instance is when she flung a girl by her pigtails. As a result, Matilda decides to put a stop to it. Will she be able to save the school or will she be the one getting punished?

Matilda is such a great movie for kids 8 or older. It is full of humor, pranks and fun.

The special effects when Matilda made things fly was believable and added even more enjoyment to the movie. My favorite example is when she makes everything in the house fly around at once.

I think Matilda was really well done and for an added bonus, you can also read the book too!

Cara Lemmon is a student in Mike Schladweiler’s 4th/5th Grade Class at Carver Elementary School. Schladweiler has created a Movie Critic’s Club, designed to develop a critical eye and make movie watching more of an active experience for his students. "You might be surprised with how many similar skills are used with interpreting a movie and comprehending a book. Some common skills include summarizing the plot events, identifying theme, identifying character traits and motivations, and determining fact and opinion," notes Schladweiler. All reviews were completed by students outside of the school day. 

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