Imagine you find someone who looks exactly like you at summer camp. Later in the movie, a deep secret is revealed.

In the movie “The Parent Trap,” the 11-year-old girls Hallie and Annie (Lindsay Lohan) are sent to summer camp. However, these girls look exactly the same. Could it be a coincidence?

The two girls get into lots of trouble at first and they absolutely hate each other. Eventually, the two girls are sent to the isolation cabin by the camp counsellor (Lisa Cloud). The cabin is in the middle of the forest away from everyone else.

At this remote cabin the two girls begin to open up and start to talk a lot about their personal lives and later discover that Hallie only has a father and Annie only has a mother. The girls also share the same birthday. Is this just coincidental? Luckily, both girls also possess a picture that has been ripped apart that reveals even more clues to this unfolding mystery.

For the rest of the camp, Hallie and Annie create a very special bond and devise a very elaborate plan to switch lives. Annie thinks this plan is crazy but, in the end, she agrees. Watch the movie “The Parent Trap” to find out where this plan will take Hallie and Annie.

Overall, I think the movie was great. It was filled with humor, romance and had a very uplifting message. One of my favorite parts which I thought was very funny was when Meredith, who was the woman planning on marrying Hallie’s dad, was pushed into the lake by Hallie and Annie, while she was sleeping!

My favorite character was Hallie because I loved how mischievous she was. Something I would never be of course! The acting in the movie was outstanding. Whenever Hallie or Annie was really sad or really happy you could definitely tell from their expressions and that even made me feel that emotion too, which really helped me connect more with the movie.

One lesson that I learned from the movie is people can learn to love each other. I know that families would enjoy sitting down after a long week and have a good laugh while enjoying the movie "The Parent Trap." I rate this movie a 10/10. Clara recommended!

Clara Jochum is a student in Mike Schladweiler’s fifth-grade Carver Elementary School class. Schladweiler has created a Movie Critic’s Club, designed to develop a critical eye and make movie watching more of an active experience for his students. "You might be surprised with how many similar skills are used with interpreting a movie and comprehending a book. Some common skills include summarizing the plot events, identifying theme, identifying character traits and motivations, and determining fact and opinion," notes Schladweiler. All reviews were completed by students outside of the school day.