Have you ever seen a floating house?

In the movie “Up” a boy named Carl (Ed Asner) loved adventures. One day while he was walking home he met a girl named Ellie (Elie Docter) who wanted to live in Paradise Falls in South America. Together they were best friends, they grew up together and soon got married.

One day Carl unleashed a ton of balloons that were attached to his house and away he went. When he was up in the air he heard a knock on his door and he opened it. It was a small boy named Russell, which Carl said could come inside.

They sailed through the sky, met a unique bird, lots of angry dogs and his childhood hero. Who actually might not turn out to be such a hero after all? Will Carl make it to Paradise Falls? 

I think "Up" is an instant classic movie! It delivers a strong message about adventure. I would recommend it to kids of all ages. It is full of fun, laughs, and adventure.

I really enjoy how Carl and Russell interact throughout the movie. Their dialogue is full of witty jokes.

I think everyone should give "Up" a chance!

Cara Lemmon is a student in Mike Schladweiler’s 5th grade Online Learning Academy class. Schladweiler has created a Movie Critic’s Club, designed to develop a critical eye and make movie watching more of an active experience for his students. "You might be surprised with how many similar skills are used with interpreting a movie and comprehending a book. Some common skills include summarizing the plot events, identifying theme, identifying character traits and motivations, and determining fact and opinion," notes Schladweiler. All reviews were completed by students outside of the school day.