As a new mother of twins I learned the difference between equality and equity early. One baby seemed content to lie peacefully, soaking in her surroundings. The other needed either stimulation or soothing. I worried I spent more time and attention on one and not enough on the other; that I w…

The 2018 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment is out and shows two disturbing trends. The statewide graduation rate remains flat and Minnesota has the highest achievement gap nationwide. Taxpayers cannot be impressed. This may be reflected in the outcome for pending referendums — including one…

In response to Joe Polunc’s letter, “How did we get so misguided,” I think it’s important our community have some clear starting points and definitions in regard to the equity work happening in the Eastern Carver County School District, in order to have more constructive dialogue.

As more and more attention is focused on the campaign of terror being reigned on immigrant communities across the country by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it is important to recognize the active role of institutions in our community in carrying out such inhumanity.


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