I am biracial, both white and east Indian. My parents were not rich, but did everything they could to make sure my brother and I experienced living in other countries. I had the privilege of learning with people from different cultures in public schools in the Caribbean, Europe and India.

One common misconception of the petition for equity in Eastern Carver County Schools that was launched on April 21 is that those who organized it are holding the district accountable for the disgraceful actions of the perpetrators. This is untrue.

As the Minnesota legislative session nears its end, there are two gun control bills still to be decided. The Democrats will assuredly use the attack at the Poway synagogue to bolster their position — even though the investigation is in the early stages.

I am old enough to remember a time when my mother was not allowed to open a bank account in her own name; a time when my older, married sister was dismissed from her teaching job simply because she was pregnant; a time when my high school friends and I asked to start a girls’ swim team and w…


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