Sunset park

Baseball players get in one more game on Dec. 1 at Sunset Park in Chaska.

On a warm-for-December evening (44 degrees in the early evening), a group of guys wearing assorted baseball uniforms came to Sunset Park in Chaska on short notice — to play under the lights one more time before winter arrived.

The sight of those baseball field lights on my drive home that night sparked instantaneous joy. I parked the car and was the only person in the stands.

In between innings, I asked if this was a regular occurrence. “No, it’s not. We just thought it would be fun to play tonight—we are all on different local teams, so we called around and have been able to field two teams,” explained one of the players.

“We hoped the lights wouldn’t bother people. And that maybe someone would enjoy watching the game.”

I sure did!

Sue Keck