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The deadline for democracy is upon us! The U.S. Senate is now back in D.C. after a short recess and now is the time to end the filibuster and pass the For the People Act (S1)!

The Republican Party, a party which has proven it does not care about our democracy, the future of our country, or the people in it, did not kill the bill with their filibuster. Remember the filibuster keeps debate open on a legislative item until the required 60-vote threshold is met to close debate.

Our Minnesota senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are strong supporters of the For the People Act, and as a leader in the Senate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has an important role to play as chair of the Rules Committee. She has the power to influence eliminating the filibuster. She has shown great leadership and has come out fighting.

We need her to keep fighting for this most consequential piece of legislation in decades, which would address voter empowerment and access, money in politics, as well as ethics and corruption.

They have three weeks to get this done before their next recess. After that other agenda items will need to be addressed.

We must continue pushing and fighting for our democracy. We will not forget what happened on Jan. 6 and all of the other attempts to erode our democracy.

The time is now! We have to stay engaged, and I know it is tiring, but our future is worth it. Make a quick call or send an email to Senator Amy Klobuchar, www.klobuchar.senate.gov/, 202-224-3244 and urge her to keep fighting! End the filibuster! Pass the For The People Act!

Tracy Leggett


Community Editor

Mark Olson, the Chaska and Chanhassen community editor who has worked in Carver County for 20 years, makes any excuse to write about local history. In his spare time, Mark enjoys perusing old books, watching blockbusters and taking Midwest road trips.