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Several months ago I wrote a letter to the editor requesting donations of homemade face masks for the patients at American Indian Community Development Corporation-Withdrawal Management. The response was outstanding, and I cannot be more grateful to those who donated. Thank you so much. Most recently donations have dropped off and we are sorely in need of further donations.

The facility is a 60-bed, nonprofit, community withdrawal and detoxification center and admits individuals in need of our services throughout the west metro area. We have been able to purchase PPE for our staff, but do not have a budget to purchase masks for our patients. We go through approximately 90-100 masks a week because the patients, many who are homeless, usually take their masks with them when discharged.

If you are making masks and are willing to donate them, please call me on my cell phone. The number is 612-805-7141. I try to pick them up from donors during the weekends, but I am also willing to have them dropped off at my home in Chaska.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Libby Fairchild