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A person living in California whom I know quite well recently suggested to me that, given all the tumult of the past two years, we should consider starting all over in America. Just toss the U.S. Constitution and our freedoms along with it. (Ever heard of the 'Great Reset' John Kerry advocates?)

She feels she’s an informed person because she reads the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, etc. Although I was quite disappointed to hear this, even from a person of liberal persuasion, I shouldn’t be surprised. America is divided politically, based on who supplies each of us with our information.

She reads the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle every day while sipping on her latte and thinks she’s informed. And based on what she thinks she knows, she suggests starting over as a nation may be the best path going forward as a means of dealing with the tumult and violence in America’s big cities.

But why in reality is there tumult? The answer, as well as the solution, is really quite simple. It’s all about law enforcement and the lack thereof. Big city mayors, blue state governors and attorneys general have decided they will not enforce many laws designed to protect Americans and their personal safety and personal property rights, though they’ve all sworn to do just that. The inevitable result has been chaos, violence, and yes, death.

Police stations in Minneapolis get burned and stores get looted, and most offenders are never held accountable. Hijack a car, get caught, and be released with no bail in some cities. The Hennepin County district attorney announced some months ago this would apply here as well.

Loot one store after another in California and get nothing but a mild slap on the hand, as long as it’s less than $1,000 of loot at any one store — it’s leftist/liberal lunacy meant to break down and remake California and elsewhere into the socialist, Venezuela mold.

Yet some don’t seem to understand why there’s tumult, violence, and a huge spike in crime. While Minneapolis burned in 2020, Democrat politicians from Nancy Pelosi to our own Congressman Dean Phillips had nothing to say until after much of the violence, burnings and killings had taken place (and very little thereafter).

Their silence inevitably sent a green light to the offenders to keep it up. America’s so-called “news” organizations also had little to say about all the mayhem.

What if these politicians had instead had done the right thing and condemned the violence early on and demanded immediate, appropriate law enforcement? And above all, what if American “news” organizations had focused on the prevention of law enforcement by the politicians?

Simple answer — there would have been far less violence, looting, and death this past 20 months if politicians and news organizations had done their job.

Vince Beaudette