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I support the District 112 school referendum. I urge you to vote YES!

I am 70, why should I care about schools? Because I care about an educated society. I support the arts, sports, and smaller class sizes. I support our teachers.

A good school district raises my home’s value. You can vote early at the Government Center. The election is Nov. 2. 

Visit www.eccsvote.org to learn more. 

I am grateful to the school board and the superintendent for all they are doing to keep our schools safe.

Also: I support the mask mandate. Masks help protect all of us. I am one of 50 volunteers that sewed over 30,000 masks this past year. Most of them were given to HCMC emergency department patients. 

I support vaccines, and vaccine mandates. When I wanted to volunteer in my son’s school in the 1970s, I was required to get an X-ray to show I did not have tuberculosis. Before I got married we had to have a blood test (California). Children have to prove they have had many vaccinations before attending school. How is this different? The vaccines are safe.

Support our schools! 

Kathy Perschmann