Letter to the editor - coffee cup

Few people challenge or disagree with Matt Udermann more than me. Yes, at times, that includes politics. While it’s true he’s my husband, that does not automatically entitle him to my vote for county commissioner.

I’ve been vetting Matt for a decade and I’d like to share 10 observations from our years together:

1. Love for people: Womb to Tomb, he is deeply rooted in love for others, especially those in the shadows of life. He invites kids to play who are by themselves at the playground, he stops to pray with the homeless, he visits with residents at Auburn Manor without family.

2. Creative problem solver: Anyone can be a problem spotter, but Matt is a problem solver, actually the most creative problem solver I’ve met. When challenged with the sustainability of political signs, he shifted to “blanket signs” that will be donated post-election to those in need.

3. Unparalleled drive: He talks a big game and sets big visions which may seem unattainable, but he backs it up with action. I watch Netflix to unwind, Matt runs marathons, writes books, and invents patented designs.

4. Leadership background: His experience ranges from leading $500M budgets for Fortune 100 companies to owning small businesses. He’s managed and inspired hourly employees and high salary employees. Many remain in contact and reach out to seek his advice.

5. Fiscally conservative: We spend our money intentionally; spending little on "things," more on people and places, donating generously, and investing heavily for the future. Matt knows how to stretch a dollar, and he lives by: “a smart dime beats a dumb dollar." 

6. Connector: Matt is exceptionally talented at connecting people and organizations. This is crucially important to ensure cities, counties and local organizations work together to provide the best services for residents.

7. Assertive: Matt is not one to passively agree with the majority. He speaks his mind and stands up for what he believes in. Matt will not partake in "groupthink" with county leadership that has been entirely unchanged in 14 years.

8. Commitments are commitments: He takes them very seriously. If he says he will be there, he will be there. If he says he will do something, he will do it.

9. Far from perfect: Matt would be the first to admit that. He’s not a career politician — he is a neighbor, dad, husband, etc. who is trying to step up and serve. That does not come without learning opportunities, which I believe will only make him stronger.

10. Best candidate: Without reservation, I can tell you Matt is the best candidate for Carver County. He brings diverse perspectives, renewed energy, fresh ideas and bold leadership.

My vote is one he had to work harder for than most, but one I am proud to offer. Please join me in voting for my husband, Matt Udermann for county commissioner.

Matt — your three girls are rooting for you — we love you!

Krista Udermann