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Minnesotans spoke loudly and clearly in 2018 when they elected a DFL governor and State House of Representatives. Minnesotans voted in favor of more affordable health care, environmental and climate action, and fully funding our public schools. Unfortunately, the Republican led State Senate (no statewide Senate elections in 2018) has taken a page out of Mitch McConnell’s playbook of obstruction at the cost of progress.

Now, in 2020, we Minnesotans will have to make our voices heard again, only louder. The current layout of the Senate is 35-32 in favor of the Republicans. Thankfully, there are several districts and candidates with a good chance of turning blue, but one that has really caught my eye is MN-47 being sought after by Addie Miller.

There are many reasons to like and root for Addie Miller. Chiefly among them are her devotion to progress for all, including all of the above mentioned issues. Beyond the issues, she exudes a desirable temperament, attitude to governing, and working with those whom she both agrees and disagrees. I see a drive in Addie that other candidates in both parties often lack, and that is to do whatever it takes to make Minnesota the best it can be.

Voters in MN-47 are fortunate to have such an amazing choice for State Senate in Addie Miller, as well as a front row seat in delivering humane, progressive policies to Minnesota, which have been shamefully denied by Republican senators.

Christine Wittman 

Maple Grove


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