Four adults have been charged after a Minneapolis motorcyclist traveling on a rural road west of Carver was hit by a bullet on June 25.

The following individuals have each been charged with one felony count of intentional discharge of a firearm that endangers safety: Blake Azurin Martin, 27, of Carver; William Azurin Martin, 57, of Carver; Ian Alexander Stinson, 21, of Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Jasmine Symone Morrow, 23, of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

They are scheduled for an 8:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 13 court appearance.

The four adults had been allegedly target shooting with pistols near County Road 40 at a 16385 Homestead Road residence, according to the Carver County criminal complaint.

The group had been shooting at a silhouette target on top of a pile of logs, toward woods on the property, according to the complaint.

“Without an adequate backstop, the trajectory of the bullets that did not strike the logs flew off the hill and down toward County Road 40,” stated a Carver County Attorney’s Office press release.

According to the criminal complaint, Blake Martin allegedly told an investigator that they believed they were shooting away from the road, and had checked it on Google Maps before shooting.

The estimated distance between the target area and where the motorcyclist said he was shot is approximately 1,217 to 1,866 feet, according to the criminal complaint.

“The investigation further revealed that Ian Stinson was the first person to shoot approximately 15 9mm rounds using a CZ Model 75 P-01. Blake Martin was the second person to shoot approximately 15 9mm rounds using a Glock 19. William Martin was the third person to shoot, using a Heckler and Koch Model USP .40 caliber 12 rounds. Finally Jasmine (Morrow) shot last, firing several rounds from the CZ Model 75 P-01,” according to the Carver County Attorney’s Office.

“These four adults stopped shooting when a third party drove into the driveway of the residence and yelled at them that a motorcyclist on County Road 40 had been shot,” the release stated.


The motorcyclist, Troy Mack, 41, suffered a significant injury to his axillary artery, which supplies blood to the right arm, and a fractured right shoulder blade, according to a press release. The motorcyclist told a responding deputy that he was concerned he would die, and was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.

The bullet was surgically removed and given to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) for analysis.

The BCA determined that the bullet that struck the motorcyclist was not fired by the Heckler and Koch or CZ Model 75, according to the report.

Blake Martin was allegedly the only individual to shoot the Glock 19, according to the complaint. “The BCA determined that comparative examinations of the Glock 19 showed agreement of individual characteristics, but insufficient for identification. The damaged condition of the bullet may have been a contributing factor for the BCA’s conclusion,” according to the complaint.


According to the complaint, the investigator spoke to a neighbor, who lives in the direction the group was shooting. “(The neighbor) heard rounds going over his head and through the trees.” The neighbor yelled up the hill to stop shooting and estimated that he heard approximately two magazines worth of bullets pass over head.

Another neighbor told a detective that she observed damage on her detached garage. “The damage to (the resident’s) garage appeared consistent with damage from a ricocheted bullet.”

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