In today's Major League Baseball, finding three infielders on one side of the diamond is a regularity. Often times a third baseman is positioned where the shortstop generally would be. A 4-5-3 double play — second baseman to third baseman to first baseman — is a common scoring play.

Come one, come all, to the Historic Andrew Peterson Farmstead on Sunday, Aug. 1 for the great game of baseball. The 1860's ball club, the Quicksteps, will be in action against an all-star squad featuring local players as well as staff and board members from the 2021 WCH Minnesota State Amate…

Adam Roemer hoped his wife might not find out he snuck out at 7 a.m. on Mother's Day to play nine holes of golf. So when he hit a hole-in-one, he was hush-hush about it.

Park Cottage Grove players got off the bus, walked through the gate at Athletic Park and approached the first-base dugout. Some just stood, looking out at the playing field. Others peeked around, pointing in various directions.

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