“The Chaska Football Touchdown Club would like to thank the community for their ongoing support of Chaska Football this season! We look forward to seeing you all at US Bank Stadium on Saturday! Soar Hawks!”

- Megan and JP Paul, co-presidents of the Touchdown Club

“Congratulations to the Chaska Hawks Football team. A special thank you to the coaching staff for building such a great program. Good luck at State! Soar Hawks!”

- Jim and Laura Holasek, parents of Marcus Holasek (No. 45)

“Best of luck to the Chaska Hawks Football Team, especially our son Logan Anderson. Win or lose, you are all winners to us. Thank you for a fun season!!”

- Jon and Becky Anderson, parents of Logan Anderson (No. 80)

“Congratulations Max and the entire football team! Thanks to all of the coaches that have worked so hard with our kids in and outside of football! It has been a great ride! You all have made Chaska proud!”

- Eric and Brenda Loosbrock, parents of Max Loosbrock (No. 32)

“Mac, we love you and are a always so proud of you! It has been so fun watching such a memorable season! Best of luck to the entire CHS football team!!”

- John and Gina Born, parents of Mac Born (No. 13)

“Marcus, we are so proud of you and the work the team has done this year!

· Be strong

· Be focused

· Be confident

· Be excellent

· Be the wonderful person and player you are

Congratulations on such an outstanding senior football season.”

- Dad, Mom and Nathan, family of Marcus Holasek (No. 45)

“Sam, what an incredible, amazing journey it has been! We couldn’t be more proud of you and your team. You’ve worked so hard to make it to the top. Good luck at the big game — just go out and play your game (one down at a time) and you will be unstoppable. You will always be a champion to us!”

- Allison and Steve Larson, parents of Sam Larson (No. 67)

“Congratulations Hawks! The community of Chaska is proud of your accomplishments on and off the field. Your hard work and your dedication to each other shows in every game you play. What an incredible season! Play Hard and Soar Hawks!”

“(We are) extremely proud of Ben, watching him grow to what he is today, and to watch these senior teammates evolve to what they are today is truly a blessing. I’m deployed to the Middle East for the end of the season and will miss the last of this run, but will follow as much as I can on the live stream. Soar Hawks and God bless.”

- James and Tracy Courneya, parents of Ben Courneya (No. 3)

“Michael, enjoy every minute of this time with your team. You have all put in the hard work and deserve to be playing for the State Championship. It has been so exciting for our family to be able to watch you and your team play this year. We are so proud of you! This community is proud of you! Soar Hawks! We love you!”

- Mom, Dad and Evan, family of Michael Brown (No. 22)

“Ben, we are so proud of you! It’s been such a joy to watch you grow over these last four years as both a football player and as a person. It’s been so much fun watching you and the football team come together this year. It feels like a family and it shows on the field. We can’t wait to see you dominate the line of scrimmage at the Prep Bowl! We are so excited for the Chaska Hawks Football team! Good luck on Saturday! Go Pancake Platoon and Soar Hawks!! We love you Ben!”

- Bill and Stacey Stoffel, parents of Ben Stoffel (No. 55)

“Good luck Hawks! What a fun and exciting ride this has been. We are proud of you #79. Coaches, thank you for all you have done.”

- Traci and Doug Walsh, parents of Mason Walsh (No. 79)

“Jamal, we know how you feel about this game, we love your passion for it and your willingness to always show up. Continue being the team member you always have been. You are a special young man on and off the field. We are so proud of you and proud to be your parents. It’s been so exciting watching you and your teammates on the field. Awesome season Hawks, one more game and you will be state champions. Celebrate your team just as much as the win. Good luck, Soar Hawks!

- Dierra and Donta Hughes, parents of Jamal Akons (No. 14)

“Congratulations on a fabulous season! It has been such a joy to watch you play this season! You have all worked so hard so for this moment! Enjoy every second! From your days as young CCFA players until now, it’s been fun to watch all of you grow into not just great football players, but truly great young men on and off the field! We are so proud of you all. Your hard work, your determination, and your character. These things make you not just a successful team but will bring you success in all you strive for in the future! We will be cheering you on ... not just at the Bank on the 30th, but into your future as well!”

Tim and Donna Buttram, parents of Sam Buttram (No. 20)

“We are extremely proud of you and the Chaska Hawks Football Team. Your hard work, determination and commitment to the team has been key to your success. We wish you the best of luck in the State Championship game! Soar Hawks! Love you!”

- Dad, Mom, Zachary, Michaela & Tyler Spielberger, family of Eric Spielberger (No. 54)

“Good luck to the Chaska Hawks as they soar into the Prep Bowl Championship! The entire team and the coaches have all worked so hard and that hard work has been rewarded. To our oldest son Patrick, we are so proud of the effort, positive attitude, and heart you put into being a student athlete. It has been a joy to watch you play the game over the years and grow into the tremendous young man and teammate that you are. We love you. Soar Hawks!”

- Michelle and Jamie Fontaine, parents of Patrick Fontaine (No. 23)

“Colden, we remember so well when you were little and ran around the house in your brothers’ shoulder pads and begged to play tackle at seven years old! You have always loved this sport and now we get to watch you play at U.S. Bank Stadium. Play hard and good luck!”

- Andrea and Stuart Dodds, parents of Colden Dodds (No. 2)

“Congratulations Hawks! It’s been a privilege to watch you play and represent your school with a true team mentality. You have earned everything you have accomplished this season. Coaches, our appreciation and gratitude for your time commitment and how you mentor these young men is unmeasurable. Grif, we love you, we support you, and we couldn’t be more proud of the man you have become. Enjoy the moment!”

- Trent, Lori and Payton Wurtz, family of Grif Wurtz (No. 7)

“It has been such a pleasure to watch you and your team experience the success of all the hard work. We are PROUD of who you are and your team! Go out and complete this AWESOME journey! Tons of pride and love.”

- Mom and Dad, parents of Matthew Kuntz (No. 10)

“It has been such a fun year watching you and the entire team work together and have such great success. We are so proud of your hard work and dedication and having the opportunity to be a part of such a great football program with an incredible coaching staff. We wish you the best of luck in the Prep Bowl for the championship game. Let’s go Hawks!!!”

- Mom, Dad, Anna and Ashley, family of Adam Ouska (No. 25)

“Congratulations on achieving your personal and team goal of playing in the state tournament! Go take The Bank, Captain America!”

- #52 Super Fans of Max Lommel (No. 52)

“Good luck Austin, and your entire team. It was an honor to coach you and your friends. I am so proud of how you all work so hard, and still all work together.”

- Matt Arnold, father of Austin Arnold (No. 51)

“To Nick and the rest of the seniors football team, we have loved watching you on the field for the last 10 years. It’s not just watching your skills and sportsmanship develop; it’s not even watching you all grow into fine young men; it’s seeing you develop bonds and friendships that will always last, and letting us build those with your parents. Sending you all good luck to win the Prep Bowl!”

- Nancy and Scott Stanger, parents of Nick Stanger (No. 9)

“Gabe, congratulations on all of your hard work and success. Enjoy this special time and honor in your life. We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see you in “The Stadium” again!”

- Love, Mom and Dad, parents of Gabe Kinneman (No. 41)

“Cody, we are so proud of you! You are not only a great athlete, but you are a kind, honest, optimistic, and hard-working young man. We believe you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Join together with your amazing coaches and team, and play some football, No. 63! We will always be your biggest fans!”

- Love, Mom and Dad, parents of Cody Kack (No. 63)

“Josh, we are so proud of you and so excited that you have this opportunity to finish your senior year with such an accomplishment. We have enjoyed watching all of you play this game with such enthusiasm. Good luck and Soar Hawks.”

- Dave and Charlotte Holland, parents of Josh Holland (No. 68)

“Congratulations team. What an awesome year of football. What lies before you and what lies behind you are small matters compared to what’s in you. Believe in yourself, push your limits and do whatever it takes to reach your goals! Champions!

Stevo, we are so proud of you. The man and athlete you have become. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you’ll ever know.”

- Biggest Fans, Georgia, Tonya and Ted, family of Stevo Klotz (No. 8)


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