The city of Chaska is known for their signature flower baskets on streetlamps. It would only follow that the city's ballpark would include flowers.

The baseball sculpture garden at Athletic Park was started in 2002 and is a collaboration between volunteers and the City of Chaska. The garden is made in the shape of a "C" for Chaska, first planted with tulips, and since hostas and red and white impatiens have been added.

Volunteers Arlene Borner and myself have been tending the garden and flowers since the beginning. The garden is now 19 years old and going strong.

The baseball sculpture child is a gift from the Ray and Lorene Welter family and is doneby the artist Jim Richardson.

The cutouts and bears on the fence and around the park are made and painted by the students at the Carver-Scott Educational Co-op Center. Randy Dollerschell also contributed his painting expertise.

Old baseball helmets are planted with a variety of 7-8 flowers including: begonias, impatiens, and lobelia. You will see them in red, white, and blue colors for the tournament this year with miniature flags in some. Credit Dale Welter for the helmet idea.

The miniature grandstand and Cubbie Park sign were made by Bob Borner and repairs on the kid’s grandstand are sometimes done by Larry Welter.

The seats near the light tower are from Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington and the kids enjoy sitting there to talk, eat treats, and imagine being a baseball player.

Hostas are planted around Cubbie Park and in pots under the tree that gives wonderful shade nearby.

The large urn near the gate of the park was made in 2009 of Chaska brick and the flowers inside are planted and maintained by the city, as well as the bags of purple flowers at the gate.

It takes a community to have a ballpark garden. We hope you spend time enjoying the flowers around our ballpark and city!