Jonathan Pavilion

The new Jonathan pavilion will be a bit different than rendered here, with a red roof, cream-colored steel beams and pillars surrounded by brick.

A new pavilion will once again sit along the south shore of Lake Grace, by the end of November.

The plan calls for a 1,200-square-foot sheltered picnic area, complete with a steel beam roof and columns wrapped in white brick, according to Chase Lundstrom, president of the Jonathan Association Board of Directors. The building will not have any walls, and the roof will be colonial red with cream-colored frame beams.

The board authorized a budget of $200,000 for the project. The Jonathan Association received $160,000 from its insurance company after the iconic Lake Grace pavilion burned down in January due to suspected arson.

“It will be slightly different, in that it’s more of a T-shape and it’s going to be open throughout, which will allow members to see completely through, so it won’t obstruct the view,” Lundstrom said.

The project will come in two phases. The first part will be rebuilding the pavilion which, if all goes according to plan, will be finished by mid- to late-November.

The second part will be creating amenities around the pavilion, such as adding more tables. The planning process has not ended, Lundstrom added.

“We are asking for feedback,” he said. “At this juncture we are looking at the possibility of a park within a park.”

With Highway 41 construction completed and a pedestrian tunnel under Highway 41 connecting the neighborhoods to the east and west, the Lake Grace area could become a trailhead.

“There’s a lot of exciting things happened,” Lundstrom said.

The association’s contractor, Custom Recreation System, has submitted a building permit application for the pavilion and plans will be available to residents at the Karen House at 111000 Bavaria Rd.

The concept plan has received initial approval, according to Lundstrom.

“I expect folks will see activity within weeks,” Lundstrom said, adding the concept plan was up for residents to review at the Jonathan Association’s Fourth of July celebration. “The excitement from the community has been really refreshing … We received a lot of feedback. The Pavilion Committee is taking that seriously and thrilled with the input from Jonathan members.”


Cleanup of the former Lake Grace pavilion finished in February, Lundstrom said.

The cleanup process was delayed. First the snow had to melt, then workers were forced to remove the debris in smaller chunks due to weight restrictions on roads.

“I think that it was very devastating when it happened, it was one of the original structures built in Jonathan. For decades members have enjoyed it,” he said.

The pavilion was built around 1970 and was just restored in 2016, after being in a state of disrepair for years. The price tag of the project was about $24,000.

For decades the pavilion was a gathering place for Jonathan residents. In 2017, the refurbished pavilion served as the site of the Jonathan Association’s Fourth of July and 50th anniversary celebration.

“It got a renewed life. To have it for only a couple of years is disheartening, but now we have an opportunity to build something today for members and their needs,” Lundstrom said.

Jonathan’s heritage committee is discussing how it could memorialize the original structure.

“We’re looking at everything, from a wall hanging to plagues that would pay homage to the original pavilion,” Lundstrom said.

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