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Big Island, Lake Minnetonka

A boat cruises by Big Island on Lake Minnetonka the afternoon of Friday, July 12.

Water quality

First up today, water quality in lakes has been a top concern among health officials. They say more than 100 people have reported getting sick after the Fourth of July near Lake Minnetonka’s Big Island. 

Over in Excelsior, beaches were closed on July 9 after E-coli levels were above recommended water quality standards. 

Firemen’s Clayhole was closed in Chaska after a test for E.Coli. The clayhole reopened two days later, after tests showed it was safe for recreation. 

Lake Patterson Solar Garden

An image of a community solar garden at Lake Patterson in Carver County. Representatives from developer U.S. Solar say a development coming to Hancock Township will appear similar to the Lake Patterson development.

Solar panels

Over in Carver County, there’s been a lot of controversy around solar panels.

Recently, the Minnesota Court of Appeals overturned a decision by the Carver County Board of Commissioners after the board denied permits for community solar garden projects. 

Construction on one of the proposed solar gardens is slated to begin this fall and will feed energy to over 200 single-family homes each year. 

Daycare provider on trial 

The trial against a Shakopee daycare provider, who is accused of inflicting life-threatening injuries on a 6-month-old baby in 2017, started on July 10. 

Laurie Ann Gregor, 55, is charged with first-degree assault, malicious punishment of a child and malicious punishment of a child under the age of 4. Prosecutors allege Gregor dropped the child and then shook him after she noticed he was unresponsive. The child was diagnosed with a fractured skull, bruised legs, brain bleeding and retinal hemorrhaging. 

The trial is scheduled to last three weeks. You can read more about it at

Kendall and Kellen in ice cream truck

Siblings Kendall and Kellen Dahlen established their own ice cream truck business this spring and have been serving ice cream across the southwest metro all summer.

Ice cream truck run by an 11- and 12-year-old

Have you seen the ice cream truck run by an 11 and 12 year old? Young Kendall and her brother Kellen started their own ice cream truck business, Summer Party Ice Cream, as the school year was winding down. With the help of their parents, they’ve been selling frozen treats across the southwest metro four days a week this summer.

Kellen told Southwest News Media they wanted a job and they decided they’d rather be their own managers. 

Keep an eye out for them. They have permits to operate in Jordan, Carver, New Prague, Chaska and Victoria. 

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