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Part of a building under construction in downtown Chaska fell down Tuesday morning.

The building is part of a construction site that includes a Dunkin’ Donuts and is slated to be rented out to a retailer later this year. Trusses had fallen from the top of the structure at around 10:30 a.m., said resident Gerald Gross, who lives adjacent to site.

On Tuesday morning, following the collapse, about a dozen of trusses laid haphazardly in the middle of the site, and a couple of workers were walking around the beams. The incident appears to have been isolated to the longest building on the construction site.

Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight said a passerby reported the incident to the police and that nobody was injured.

One worker, however, was in the process of setting an unsecured truss, when the strong winds caused it to hit the ladder he was on. He fell from the ladder and was not hurt, Knight said.

The other two adjacent buildings (including Dunkin’ Donuts) under construction appeared unaffected.

“I was just washing up in the bathroom and I heard a really big sound of wood falling and I went out and looked there and everyone was running from the collapse,” he said.

“You could hear the nail guns at the time, and all of a sudden we heard a big crash,” Gross said.

There are three new building being constructed at the site in downtown Chaska. Dunkin’ Donuts is slated to open in May.

The lead designer of the project did not return a call for comment before deadline.


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