Matt Herrmann

Name/age: Matt Herrmann, 54

Address: 974 Woodview Circle, Carver

Family: Spouse: Samantha; two daughters: Paige and Kendall Herrmann

Employment: Owner of The Caliber Group-Design/Build

Education: BA in Economics, Eastern Illinois University

Hobbies/interests: Family, Power sports, German Shepherds.

Previous experience: not answered

Contact info: 612-816-4038

Why do you want to serve as the Mayor of Carver?

I am a husband, father and successful business owner. My wife and I have lived in Carver for over 22 years and are the proud parents of two daughters. We have seen Carver grow at a fast pace over the years. As Carver continues to grow, it will be important to solicit both industrial and commercial businesses for our town to thrive and to contribute to our tax base. I believe it is also imperative that we continue to have election integrity and transparency which will also be a part of my focus. When it comes to other people’s money in the form of taxes, I am fiscally responsible and will exercise restraint in spending. Should the need arise in the event of another pandemic, we need to protect our business’s livelihood front and foremost. We will need to execute a common sense plan for Carver and people’s individual freedoms.

What are the top three items in your platform and how would you address them?

Soliciting commercial and industrial businesses for Carver. Fiscal responsibility with taxpayers money. Approve new business licensing in less than 60 days.

Without putting down your fellow candidates, what sets you apart from them?

I will solicit new business for Carver. I will not accept the attitude that we should wait until they come to us. That being said we also need to streamline the licensing process so it doesn’t take a year to approve a new license.

I will spend taxpayer money as my own and vote against any large assessment’s on Carver resident's.

Describe your leadership style:

I would say I fall into two categories of visionary leadership and coaching leadership.

Why should residents vote for you?

Carver residents that I have met and spoke with agree it is time for a change. Residential home building in Carver is growing at a rapid pace.

We need to offset that with a balance of commercial and industrial to contribute to the tax base otherwise down the road residents will suffer the burden of contributing the largest percent. This does not need to happen. As I stated above I will vote against any large assessments on Carver residents. The residents on Kirchie Hill Dr, I am sure, would welcome a mayor who would listen and support them and not vote for assessments that averaged over $30,000 per residence.

In the past 10 years, have you been convicted of a gross misdemeanor or higher or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?