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Chanhassen Weight Loss & Fitness Studio Transforms The Way People Join a Gym
By Paying Them to Lose Inches of Their Waistlines
Chanhassen has a lot of
gym and boutique fitness
studio options. As a result,
we have seen many types of
membership promotions grab
our attention. However, Justin
& Janell Yule, husband & wife
owners of The Transformation
Club, are launching a new
program that's sure to turn
paying you to lose inches off
your waistline!
revolutionary Shrink Your
Challenge can earn up to
$500 when they lose inches
off their midsection.

Expert coaching and support
so you can feel confident
you're doing everything right,
which means you’ll enjoy the
process and achieve your
goals faster!
Easy-to-follow meal plans
and delicious recipes with
foods you and your family will
love…ensuring you get the
support at home you need.

coaches where you’ll learn
how to overcome the limiting
beliefs and negative selftalk that keep you stuck so
you can develop a healthy
and powerful mindset that
The Transformation Club helps will improve every area of
people over 40 who struggle your life.
with weight loss and fitness
Weekly lessons from a
create a real transformation
registered dietitian where
that sticks so that they can
you’ll learn the tips and tricks
finally enjoy the health,
that make eating healthy easy
confidence, and vitality they and enjoyable so you can
deserve. They do this using a develop "food freedom" and
transformational combination get off the "diet carousel.”
of individualized workouts,
personalized health coaching, An amazing community of
life-changing friends in fitness... you can
and learn and get support from
good old-fashioned caring. people who have already
The Shrink Your Waistline achieved incredible body
Challenge transformations!
is their newest specialty PLUS, you will get a copy of
program and will provide the Shrink Your Waistline
everything you need to flatten Guidebook
incredible, practical, and
and tone your midsection:

proven strategies to safely of high blood pressure, high
flatten your stomach, radically cholesterol, heart disease,
improve your health, reduce type-2 diabetes and more!
body fat, and lose weight.
“After all we’ve been through
The Shrink Your Waistline the last two years, we’re really
Challenge starting to notice more and
starts on September, 19th with more people starting a fitness
an early-bird special start on program
September, 12th. But, hurry…
their health as a primary
“Our biggest challenge is
goal. This is wonderful
the limited space we have
to see,” says Janell Yule.
available because we’re not
willing to compromise the “We teach our clients that
individualized attention and when you focus on health
coaching we provide,” noted from the inside out, weight
loss and fitness naturally
Justin Yule.
follow. It often doesn’t
When asked about this unusual
work the other way around,
and potentially controversial
especially when extreme
promotion, Justin responded,
“Other gym owners think measures or unsustainable
we’re crazy, but we see it as a fad diets are used.”

WIN-WIN. Our clients get
amazing results and earn
money doing it, and we get to
do what we do best - transform
bodies and transform liveswhile getting the opportunity
to develop great relationships
that lead to long-term clients.
Many of our clients have been
with us for a decade or more!”

Justin went on to add,
“The Shrink Your Waistline
Challenge is going to melt
inches off your waist…
teach you how to keep those
inches off… and help you
develop the core habits that
are the foundation of health
and fitness.”

It’s important to note that
there’s a correlation between
the size of your waistline
and several health concerns.
Even at a healthy weight,
excess fat carried around the
waist can increase your risk

If getting paid to lose inches
off your waistline and
improve your health interests
you, visit their website at or call
952-224-4852 for the program
details and registration.

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