Details for Chaska Education Association extends

Chaska Education Association extends our deep gratitude and
congratulations to these colleagues entering retirement.
They’ve provided extraordinary service to our community this
year and throughout their careers! We recognize their unwavering
dedication to students, families, and colleagues. In a year requiring
dramatic changes and innovation, these teachers modeled how to
meet student needs in unimaginable conditions.

Steve Apt

Don Brooks

Michelle Bulat

Barbara DeCou

Robin Dodson

Chaska Middle School West

Chanhassen High School

Bluff Creek Elementary School

Jonathan Elementary School

Family Learning Center

Lisa Finkel

Pam Franzen

Karen Johnson

Laurel Kiesow

Kyle Kubitz

Clover Ridge Elementary School

Chaska Middle School East

Clover Ridge Elementary School

Bluff Creek Elementary School

Victoria Elementary School

Beth Manthe

Barb McMahon

Kim Nielsen

Pam Oldenkamp

Becky Sorenson

Pioneer Ridge Middle School

Bluff Creek Elementary

Cheryl Street

Chaska High School

Victoria Elementary School

JoAnne Simack-Hillyer
Bluff Creek Elementary School

Clover Ridge Elementary School

Carol Vilender

STAR (Steps Toward Adult Responsibility)

Family Learning Center

Mark Young

Chaska Middle School East

We would also like to acknowledge the incredible efforts of everyone involved in
making this school year a success. The school district leadership, county health
department, IT personnel, school staff, community members, parents and students
worked with teachers as a team to support learning. The community’s commitment to
ensuring that their students receive quality education is evident in the colossal effort
that was put forth this past year. We are truly grateful for the partnership of everyone
involved. We could not have done this without them.