Details for Chaska Education Association extends

Chaska Education Association extends our deep gratitude and
congratulations to these colleagues entering retirement.
They’ve provided extraordinary service to our community this
year and throughout their careers! We recognize their unwavering
dedication to students, families, and colleagues. The past few years
required dramatic changes and innovation and these teachers met
their students’ needs in unimaginable conditions.

Kathryn Anderson Dorothy Clark-Miles

Chris Commers

Bill Ferguson

Amy Fredrickson

Leslie Geissler

Jill Gramstad

Maureen Harlander

Lonna Moline

Deb Peters

Jeff Piatz

Bill Rosburg

VeRonica Sandberg

Nancy Sauer

Carol Scheffler

Meg Schneider

Joan Schnetzer

Pamela Silverain

Terri Small

Pam Stanton

Catherine Swanson Christine Taylor Thone

James Vangerud

Kelly Wiebe

We acknowledge the incredible efforts of everyone involved in making this school
year a success. School district leadership, county health department, IT personnel,
school staff, community members, parents and students worked with teachers as
a team to support learning. Our community’s commitment to ensuring that their
students receive quality education is evident in the colossal effort that was put forth
this past year. We are grateful for the partnership of everyone involved.
We could not have done this without them.