Details for City-Wide Paper Shredding Event •

City-Wide Paper Shredding Event • June 11, 2022
Buckingham Companies will be conducting the City-Wide Paper Shredding Event at the
Police Station at 705 Syndicate Street near Valley Green Mobile Home Park.

9:00am – 11:00am, Saturday, June 11th
Drop-off is only for the City of Jordan & Sand Creek Township residents & is free of charge!
(Valley Green Park will not be able to participate)

General Guidelines are:
Paper only
Do not put paper documents in plastic bags; use boxes or
paper bags. Totes & reusable bags will be returned
Staples, paper clips, & rubber bands do not have to be
removed. However, 3-ring binders, large binder clips,
plastics, & metals must be removed.
Do not tape boxes shut as it slows down the process
Do not mix any confidential paper with items that won't
require shredding such as newspapers or magazines

If you have any further questions regarding the
Paper Shredding Event, please feel free to contact
our office at 952-226-6441 & one of our friendly
office staff will be able to assist you!
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