Paid Endorsement Letter Policy:

Southwest News Media prides itself in dealing fairly and accurately with all who wish to use the newspaper’s editorial pages and advertising space. We want to make certain all candidates get equal treatment in using our news media options. As such, we have developed a set of election guidelines which apply to election advertising, including referendums, party endorsements and individual candidate campaigns. They include:

  • Letters in support of or opposing a candidate or particular political party as well as letters from candidates on the ballot will be published as Paid Election Letters. The Paid Election Letters will cost $30 per paper for a letter up to 250 words, $60 for up to 500 words. Letters longer than 500 words will be treated as display advertising and charged as display rates.
  • Letters must be paid for by the letter writer, and payment must be received prior to it being published. Questions regarding paid election letters should be directed to the Editor of the newspaper in which the letter is requested to be published. Contact information for each Southwest Editor is as follows:

    • Chanhassen Villager, Chaska Herald and Savage Pacer Mark Olson, 952-345-6574
    • Jordan Independent, Prior Lake American and Shakopee Valley News Rachel Minske, 952-345-6679
  • In order to best serve our readers in each community, our newspapers have separate editorial personnel who are responsible for making decisions about the news content of their respective newspaper. Deadlines, policies on letters to the editor and submitted copy may vary between newspapers. If you have questions about editorial policies and decisions, please contact your local newspaper editor.
  • New issues cannot be introduced in the final issue preceding any election since there would be no opportunity for the opposing candidate to respond. Advertising ordered for our web sites will also be reviewed prior to posting.
  • Additional questions should be directed to Laurie Hartmann, 952-345-6878 (

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