Natalie Friedman

Comedian and actress Natalie Friedman, who graduated from Eden Prairie High School in 2008, on the red carpet of the 2018 Emmy Awards.

Natalie Friedman is everywhere and anyone these days.

The 2008 Eden Prairie High School graduate is popping up all over, from New York comedy clubs, to the Emmys to radio shows.

Friedman, and her ever-expanding array of characters from the world of pop culture and politics, has been growing increasingly popular on social media, now boasting more than half a million Instagram followers on her page, nataliefriedman.

Friedman is perhaps best known for her impressions. She is able to seamlessly contort her facial expressions, body language and voice to become Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, El from “Stranger Things,” First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump, among others.

From an early age, Friedman consumed music and television cartoons and would often try her hand at mimicking what she heard.

“I always had fun playing with my voice,” Friedman told the Eden Prairie News last week.

She soon figured out she could crack up her friends, and enjoyed it, joking around in class, imitating celebrities and teachers. Friedman recalled thriving during the dying days of the prank phone call, before Caller ID ruined the fun.

As a child, Friedman was frequently on stage as a ballet, jazz and tap dancer and said she always dreamed of being an actor. In high school, she did a few open-mic comedy sets in the Twin Cities and got involved with theater her senior year.

Freidman has called New York City home the past several years. She regularly performs stand-up and improv, shoots skits and television, and takes acting classes.

“Each day is always different and brings forth unpredictability, which is exciting. I also consider myself an entrepreneur so if I’m not filming I’m working on the business side of things,” she said.

Friedman had been building her Instagram following for the past year, posting impressions and comedy skits and building a large audience. On July 13, recording artist Cardi B reposted a comedy sketch Friedman did impersonating the rapper as the parent of a newborn daughter.

“That got the ball rolling even more,” she said.

Her favorite impression right now is El from the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

When she’s back in the Twin Cities, Friedman said she’ll occasionally perform at House of Comedy, Acme Comedy Club and Comedy Corner Underground.

Friedman says she enjoys the variability of her work, and hopes to keep creating new content and shooting new projects. One day she’d like to have her own show to write, produce and perform in, and like many comedians, dreams of “Saturday Night Live.”

“It’s all been very exciting,” Friedman said.


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