Eden Prairie’s Cindy Eddy doesn’t mind accepting a donation with a little shoe polish on her shirt.

On Monday, the Eden Prairie Lions dropped off a second $15,000 donation to the PROP Shop in support of its Family Service Center.

Minutes before, Eddy had been polishing a Brahmin purse to prepare it for sale.

“We do a lot of repair,” Eddy said. “I fix all the jewelry.”

You’ll find her loading clothes in the washing machine, polishing silver, vacuuming, repairing and pricing the jewelry. Not to mention scrubbing the toilet.

“She really is incredibly hands on – and willing to get her hands dirty,” says PROP Shop Operations Manager Vicki Bomben.

The PROP Shop is a high-quality resale store that is open to all and also includes a Family Service Center to provide clothing and other items to families in need.

It is not to be confused with PROP, the food shelf and emergency service provider. Although the two have similar roots dating back to when PROP was located at Eden Prairie City Center, today they are separate organizations with separate funding sources. The PROP Shop is the one where you can shop.

Athena honoree

On Thursday, Eddy received the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce’s Athena Award.

“Developed by Athena International and presented in partnership with chambers of commerce, women’s organizations and universities, the Athena Award recognizes community leaders who contribute time and energy to help others, particularly women, to improve their lives and realize their full potential,” according to a previous story.

She received her Athena sculpture at a chamber luncheon.

“She so deserves it,” Bomben said. “This place would not exist without her.”

PROP Shop Board Member Sharon Peterson added, “If there is ever anybody who is deserving, it is her. What she has done for this community is unbelievable.”

At the chamber luncheon, Eddy said that when she founded the PROP Shop, “We didn’t know what was going to happen and we didn’t know how it was going to happen.”

Being part of the business community also comes with competition, but Eddy said that the PROP Shop stands apart.

“We are invested in our community,” said PROP Shop Board President Deb Karulf. “We are the only resale store in our area that does what we do.”

Beyond providing clothing, home goods and furniture to families in need, profits also go back to the community through donations to other nonprofits serving Chanhassen and Eden Prairie. More than 91 percent of proceeds go toward PROP Shop’s mission.

“PROP Shop’s mission is to provide basic support for families in need through volunteers, community and other organizations,” according to its website.

Thanks community

Eddy was quick to thank all of the volunteers, groups, businesses and community members that have supported the PROP Shop.

She said hundreds have volunteered at the PROP Shop, serving thousands of Chanhassen and Eden Prairie residents.

“We’ve been so tremendously grateful for the kindness and generosity of the community,” Karulf said.

Eddy told the Lions gathered Monday, that it’s impossible to make your way in the world without having your basic needs met, and those needs can include clothing and basic household goods.

On average, families visit three or four times.

Karulf added, “We are here to empower, enable and equip.”