Smith Coffee & Cafe customers

Smith Coffee & Cafe customers enjoy the patio at Smith Coffee & Cafe, housed in the historic Smith Douglas More House.

A popular coffee shop in Eden Prairie's Smith-Douglas-More House opened for business under a new name on May 1. 

The business is now known as Smith Coffee & Cafe.

Opening as a Dunn Bros on Dec. 30, 2002, the 141-year-old city-owned home has become a successful coffee shop and community gathering place. It was featured on the cover of Money Magazine when Eden Prairie was named the No. 1 best place to live in 2010. Owner Ann Schuster has been operating the coffee shop since 2006. 

Smith Coffee & Cafe

The name change from Rustica Eden Prairie to Smith Coffee & Cafe became effective May 1. 

"We learned that the best way to continue to serve coffee to the people of our community was as an independent business. In order to honor the history of the house we named the new business 'Smith,'" said Schuster said. 

Schuster said for the most part, things have stayed the same. 

"We are serving coffee and cafe food daily. We are roasting our coffee beans in-house. We continue to be a place to gather and have free Wi-Fi and meeting spaces for our customers. We continue to offer wine and beer. We still have our 25 cent cup of coffee for senior citizens on Tuesdays," she said.

"Our favorite breakfast sandwiches and breakfast plates are still available. We still have pastries and bread from Rustica. We also have donuts from Sunrise bakery in Bloomington. Everything is made from scratch in house, or delivered fresh each and every morning."

Smith Coffee & Cafe is at 8107 Eden Prairie Road in Eden Prairie. More information about the coffee shop can be found at


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