Lifetouch in Eden Prairie 1

Lifetouch’s headquarters are in Eden Prairie at 11000 Viking Drive. Shutterfly, which owns Lifetouch, is moving 100 jobs from its California headquarters to the Eden Prairie offices.

Nearly 100 jobs will be moving to Eden Prairie’s Lifetouch offices as a result of a decision by its parent company, Shutterfly, Lifetouch’s president told Eden Prairie News.

The 100 jobs in Shutterfly’s marketing division were originally in the company’s Redwood City, California, headquarters, but the move to Lifetouch’s offices, at 11000 Viking Drive, makes more sense based on how the company is divided, Lifetouch president Greg Hintz said in a phone interview. The company announced the move in a news release on Jan. 29.

Most of the Eden Prairie positions will be hired in the next three months, Hintz said. Around 15 people who currently work in Shutterfly’s California offices said they would consider transferring to Minnesota, but most will be new, local hires, he added.

“It was great news for the city,” Eden Prairie’s economic development manager David Lindahl said. “Any time you’re bringing in more people to Eden Prairie, it’s good for business.”

There had been some confusion about the future of the area around Lifetouch’s offices after Minnesota-based developer United Properties withdrew a proposed parking structure development for that space, Lindahl said.

While an additional 100 people will require some reshuffling inside Lifetouch’s building, which currently houses 650 employees, according to Hintz, the impact on transit and parking will be “insignificant,” Lindahl said.

Shutterfly’s acquisition of Lifetouch two years ago solved problems for both companies, Hintz said. Shutterfly benefits from Lifetouch’s “continuously replenishing customer base” of school photos and family portraits, and Lifetouch can now access Shutterfly’s extensive digital sales and photo printing network.

The Twin Cities are a “wonderful market” because of its combination of big-name brands − including Target, Best Buy and Bluestem − and the skilled students graduating from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus, Hintz said.

“It’s a no-brainer,” he added.

Shutterfly also has a manufacturing office at 5005 Dean Lakes Blvd. in Shakopee.