Eden Prairie Center driveway

Eden Prairie Center is at 8251 Flying Cloud Drive.

Eden Prairie’s Target is getting a face lift as part of the company’s national move to update its stores, according to a representative that spoke at the Jan. 7 Eden Prairie City Council meeting.

Ryan Hyllested, an architect at design and engineering firm Kimley Horn, presented Target’s plan to the City Council as “part of a nationwide effort to modernize the Target appearance,” he said.

The store, at 8225 Flying Cloud Drive, will be getting new signs − including a white bulls-eye logo instead of the traditional red one − a new exterior paint job and lighting, and landscaping and extended sidewalks in the parking lot’s islands, which is required by City Code.

No one spoke at the public hearing that followed the presentation, and the Council unanimously approved the planned unit development. Council member PG Narayanan asked if Target was considering adding electric car charging stations or additional bike racks; Hyllested said it was not, and Narayanan didn’t press the issue.

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