The offerings at Wonders Ice Cream don’t look much like the scoops that other ice cream parlors offer, but that’s just the appeal of Eden Prairie’s new (and only) rolled ice cream shop.

Tightly rolled coils of ice cream are topped with mounds of candy, fruit or whipped cream, depending on which of the 42 menu items a customer selects, making a striking dish that nearly begs to be shared on Instagram.

Wonders opened on Sept. 6 at 8353 Crystal View Road, checking an item off co-founder Andrew Nguyen’s to-do list.

“Eden Prairie has always been one of our areas that we want to tap into,” Nguyen told Eden Prairie News. “We love the location.”

Wonders Ice Cream first opened in St. Paul in 2016 and now has 10 locations in Minnesota. Eden Prairie’s shop shares its storefront with Pokebomb, a restaurant that sells poke, which manager Phillip Koumalasy described as “sushi in a bowl.” Like Wonders, customers can create their own poke bowl, but for those who aren’t familiar with poke, Koumalasy recommends picking one of the store’s menu items.

“We want to show what we can create for you guys,” he explained.

At Wonders, the most popular item is the Oreo Oreo dish, Koumalasy and Nguyen said. Every menu item can be made with vegan coconut-based ice cream or Italian ice. While ingredients-wise, rolled ice cream is similar to other ice cream, much of the appeal comes from watching employees create each bowl, Nguyen said. The shop is designed for customers to view the process: the frozen trays where employees pour and shape the liquid ice cream base are front and center and visitors can easily watch them form each bowl with wide metal spatulas from behind a clear glass wall.

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The dish originated among Thai street vendors and hopped the Pacific Ocean to appear at Californian night markets, Koumalasy said. It’s popular all over the world now, with over 180,000 results for the hashtag “rolled ice cream” on Instagram ranging from extravagant sculptures of chocolate fishes atop bundles of rolled ice cream to the artfully-stacked offerings at Wonders. On a breezy September afternoon, six customers had stopped by for a bowl of ice cream, and all of them carefully took a photo of their dishes before diving in.

Wonders Ice Cream opens at 4 p.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. on weekends.

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