Erin McCloud

Erin McCloud

How will you ever finish the race, get through a storm, or climb a mountain? Easy, with optimism. Optimism is the key to achieving all your dreams and goals. Everything good starts with optimism. That means that pessimism won’t get you very far. That leads to my next point. Being a pessimist won’t get you very far. But optimism will get you far, very far. My final point is that optimism helps you achieve everything. With hard work and optimism, you can make anything happen.

Every good thing starts with optimism. Just one little good deed can create more and more good things to happen. That effect is called karma. Karma is basically if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you. Without optimism, humanity wouldn’t be where we are today. How else would we get here without optimism? The answer to that is that we wouldn’t be here. When you see something in your head, you can do it. With optimism, you can believe in yourself and others easier. But with pessimism, you’d just give up. For example, you are about to win the 10-mile run but you can easily tell you’re getting tired. With optimism, you would win the race. But, with pessimism you would give up, fall and lose. Win or lose, you can still learn from everything and choose optimism the next time. As Emily Dana said, “Everything great was accomplished by fools who dreamed.” One person can make anything happen by achieving their dreams with optimism. You can accomplish anything with determination and with optimism.

Being a pessimist won’t get you very far. What good influences or good leaders have been pessimistic? The answer to that is none. I mean, let’s take Bill Gates for example. As a pessimist, he wouldn’t have had the courage to be able to found and own Microsoft. But with optimism, he kept challenging himself and achieved his goals. Also, with optimism, you have courage and determination. With pessimism, you have fear and anxiety. Let’s take picking your classes for middle school. An optimist would challenge themselves with advanced classes. While a pessimist would stick to what they know and do the classes for their grade level. A pessimist doesn’t accept a challenge, they find a way to get out of it. See, a pessimist isn’t bad, they just have less opportunities. But, being too much of an optimist can harm. You could start to procrastinate on a project for school that was due soon. But being too much of a pessimist you would take barely any time on that project and it wouldn’t turn out well either. Because of those reasons, you need to find a balance that works for you. A balance could be from half and half to even just a tiny bit of pessimism. As long as you still care, you still try hard, you still have determination, and you have more confidence. Remember, optimism is a mindset, not a feeling. I mean, yes, you can feel optimistic. But to be an optimist, you have to think and be optimistic almost all the time. “You can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses. It’s all how you look at it," said J. Kenfield Morley. You can look on the bright side and you can achieve any dream or goal.

Optimism helps you achieve everything and anything. You can achieve all of your dreams with an optimistic mindset. You can do anything that you put your mind to with a little hard work and optimism. Like, if your dream was to win a gold medal in snowboarding, if you work hard and believe in yourself, you would do it. Now with pessimism, you would start practicing, but once you even got a little bit of criticism, you would take it personal and give up. But this does go back to balance. Too much optimism could make you think you are doing great but you really aren’t and it’s important to realize mistakes if you want to correct them. Balance is like an endless tug of war. The rope never gets to either side. It stays in the middle. Sometimes it goes more on one side than the other but it never gets to the end of either side. That’s how you should think. Never too much optimism and never too much pessimism.

Optimism is the key to achieving all of your dreams and goals. Optimism is the start to every good thing. And pessimism? Pessimism never won any battle. Even just a little optimism can help you accomplish anything and everything. Let optimism guide you, and you can do anything and everything.

Erin McCloud is a sixth-grader at Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion in Eden Prairie.