Name: Albert Born

Address: 17201 Trenton Lane, Eden Prairie

Age: Older than my children

Family: My wife and three school-age children

Employment: Self-employed musician, music teacher, sound/recording engineer and consultant, and a salesman at Guitar Center in Bloomington

Education: B.S. in aerospace engineering and mechanics from the University of Minnesota

Community involvement: My kids go to Eden Prairie Schools and my family and I are always interested in what is happening in the community. We like to stay informed and involved. We like going to the parks, playgrounds and special events. We like to volunteer at the school. We enjoy being a part of the community and being out and about in Eden Prairie.

Previous experience: I have many years successfully working with the public and teaching. Working in sales has taught me to be a great communicator. I am never afraid to ask questions and always eager to listen. As an engineer I’ve learned to solve difficult problems and stay focused. I can think from different angles to resolve problems when tensions arise. As a teacher I have learned what works for kids and what doesn’t. I am passionate about teaching the next generation. As a musician I know it takes hard work and patience to achieve your goal. I’ve worked with people from many different cultures, backgrounds and languages. It is always exciting to learn from each other.


Why do you want to be on the Eden Prairie School Board?

I am a dad. I like to be involved and be a positive force. I see the importance and impact the school board has on the school system. I will help shape and improve the educational development of our greatest asset — our children.

What is your view of the state of the school district?

My wife and I chose to live in Eden Prairie because of the school district. We love the community, our neighbors, the parents, and the schools. On the surface it seems like things in the school district are going smoothly but there are underlying problems that need to be addressed.

What would be your top priorities as a School Board member?

  • Challenge all students. Give all students a chance to be challenged in areas that they excel.
  • Nutrition and fitness. Healthy food. Healthy bodies. Healthy minds.
  • Teacher/staff retention. We want EP schools to be the dream job. This is the place to be. We want the best for our children.

What, if any, areas in the district budget should be adjusted?

  • Funding to keep class sizes smaller. Class sizes keep creeping up in numbers and make it difficult for teachers to have quality interactions with each of their students.
  • School meals and snacks. Provide healthier options and minimize waste.
  • Student special services fund. Provide the necessary resources to students who may need extra help to achieve success. Examples include behavioral, emotional or academic struggles.

What should be done to address achievement gap?

Placing kids in the correct environment to learn. Good regular communication between teachers and parents. Funding to provide resources to those children who need extra help to be successful. Also, providing resources and education for parents who aren’t sure what to do if their child is having trouble.

What skills should be added or emphasized in classrooms to educate students for a 21st-century career or workplace?

Technology today is amazing, but we cannot lose sight of basic fundamentals. Reading a book, writing a letter, or giving a speech should never go away while we continue to push forward with new technologies. Our world is becoming smaller as technology connects all of us. Learning to communicate with each other is extremely important.

How should Eden Prairie Schools ensure the safety of its students?

  • Behavioral expectations for all students. Parents and students need to agree and understand what is expected in a safe learning environment. They also need to understand the consequences of not following the expectations.
  • Empowering teachers. Safe discipline to keep children on the correct path while maintaining the integrity of the classroom.
  • Parents. Stay involved, know what your child is doing and recognize any changes in behavior.
  • Positive relationship with Eden Prairie Police Department. Teach our children that our police are here to help and keep us safe.

Have you ever been charged with a gross misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?


Getting to know you

Favorite movie: "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray. Don’t we all have days like this and wish we could have done things a little differently?

Favorite Books: "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein — it’s a simple and powerful story that’s often misunderstood

Last live show or concert you attended: Iron Maiden at the Xcel Energy Center

Favorite subject in school: Math/science

What would be the title of your life story? “Another Day in Paradise”

Dream vacation destination: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Sometimes I like being a bit spontaneous and creative. I enjoy talking with local people to understand where I am visiting. So I’d have to say a world tour would be my dream vacation to learn more about what makes this world go around

Favorite local business: Pizza Luce

Eden Teller is the multimedia reporter for Eden Prairie News. She's passionate about fostering productive conversations and empowering communities. When she's not reporting, she can be found reading a book, on a hike or tackling home improvement projects.


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