Name: Erin Barstad

Address: 9654 Jonathan Lane, Eden Prairie

Age: 35

Family: Husband Nicholas; children Nate, 13, Charlie, 11, and Max, 8

Employment: Self-employed craniosacral therapist, massage therapist and doula

Education: Some college with a certificate in craniosacral therapy and a certificate in massage therapy

Community involvement: 

Eden Prairie Baseball Association (EPBA):

  • Associate board member
  • Head coach and commissioner
  • Coordinator for Firecracker Games and Sandlot Games

Eden Prairie Soccer Association (EPSA):

  • Former board member
  • Commissioner
  • Coach

School Volunteer:

  • 7 years as chairperson of the school book fair
  • 7 years as volunteer in the school library
  • Many years helping teachers with book club, room projects, first week of school and more

Underdog Rescue as a foster home and transport driver

Previous experience: Everything I've done is community-based volunteering.

Contact info:


Why do you want to be on the Eden Prairie School Board?

I’d like to join the school board because as a parent, I felt I was not being heard.

What is your view of the state of the school district?

My view of the district is that there is potential to be great again. I have concern over the number of families leaving for similar reasons, and these reasons are not being addressed.

What would be your top priorities as a School Board member?

My top priorities as a board member would be to get the support to the teachers that they need in order to help our students reach their highest potential. Safety for our students is also a top priority. I believe that our administration needs to be held accountable, and that our parents and teachers need to be given the voices they deserve. Special education is another area that our family personally had experience with. This area needs some attention as well.

What, if any, areas in the district budget should be adjusted?

My concern over the budget has to do with mistakes that have been overlooked by multiple administrators.

What should be done to address achievement gap?

The achievement gap should be looked at in a different way. I feel that every child is different. We need to look into bringing back more ways of learning, and more opportunities for this as well. Some kids need more hands-on skilled learning, while others need to be more challenged because they are bored and having to teach the others, as they wait for them to catch up.

What skills should be added or emphasized in classrooms to educate students for a 21st-century career or workplace?

I have yet to know what the high school offers, but do know we need more trade classes and more real life courses for our kids to be successful once they leave our schools.

How should Eden Prairie Schools ensure the safety of its students?

Safety is a major concern of mine. Discipline is lacking, and kids in the younger grades are learning they can get away with bullying and threats. This will only escalate if not properly taken care of. We will begin to see more violence and harm as they enter middle and high schools. What happened to zero tolerance?

Have you ever been charged with a gross misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?


Getting to know you

Favorite book or movie: "Remember the Titans" and "The Blind Side"

Last live show or concert you attended: Second grade performance

Favorite subject in school: Anatomy

What would the title of your life story be? “The Volunteer.”

Dream vacation destination: Kauai

Favorite local business: Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping, Jerry’s Foods and Family Focus Chiropractic.

Eden Teller is the multimedia reporter for Eden Prairie News. She's passionate about fostering productive conversations and empowering communities. When she's not reporting, she can be found reading a book, on a hike or tackling home improvement projects.


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